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Andy Kolczak

Alan Weymouth

Alan Baines

Roger Denmark

Paul Weymouth

Julie Abbott

“Without help in all weathers from our small volunteer team nothing you see would be possible, here you can see who they are, and a little about them”

Andy started helping in 1998 following a plea for help by Roy Bowen in the Melksham News. Great technical know how means Andy is always in the thick of it.

Often seemingly the ‘technical brains’ behind what we do, but useless without the help of everybody else, often has no idea what he’s doing until its done.

Alan, our coordinator holds everything together, and looks after H&S for us. Has been involved for many years taking over from the late Roy Bowen.

One of the boys - Julie has a fantastic record for remembering everything that everyone else forgets, for example spare bulbs! Has helped for many years.

Roger is our man with a van, always there when transports needed and never far away from the working parties putting up lights

Alan has helped for many years, and brings not only helping hands but a great sense of humour to the team

Max has been helping for a few years now and is always on hand to help in any task

Len Bealing

Len has been helping with the lights for 30+ years! And also takes care of all of our collection tins throughout the town with the help of some other team members.

Jean Harris

Max Pantall

Jean holds everything together financially, and single handedly organises the wonderful Christmas Fayre every year

Rhys has helped for a few years now after randomly appearing to watch us work when he was 14, now a major part of the team!

Rhys Dunn

Pete Reynolds

Ray ‘Gibbo’ Gibbons

Went missing a few years back to build a steam railway, now back, and responsible for some amazing metalwork and bodging!

New in 2012 Pete has already proved to be a invaluable member of the team, with great technical skills!

Mick Company

Mick started helping in 2012 and is a great technical help

Graham was roped in around 5 years ago by Paul, and is now never far away from the action - and Kettle.

Graham Fryer