Feedback in 2012 /13

Covering Town and Longford Road Lights!

Love the lights! Even better this year. My two year old son loves seeing them everyday on his way home from childcare.

Kirsty, Keevil via website

We paid A LOT of money to see Santa at Longleat and by chance found your Town on our way back to Cirencester, incredible - A REAL Santa who happily chatted to the kids without charging and even did a Elf Check on them! Elf sent us down Town to see the rest and we were overwhelmed by the fantastic display. Well done! You rightly deserve all the coverage you are getting, brilliant!

Collins Family, Cirencester via website

Thank you so much to the few that make Melksham so amazing compared to other towns, Langford Road, Town Centre both look awesome and we love the Snow and Icicles on the house and on the Town tree!

Sarah, Trowbridge via website

We drove from Swindon to see the lights and my whole family were amazed, we love it, and delighted to see the whole town looking so brilliant. Well done, you should all be very very proud of what you achieve!

Andrew, Swindon via website

Just a big thank you for making our town so special, thanks also to the Longford Road gang for raising the profile of Melksham on national TV

Terri,Melksham via website

Thank you for all your hard work for making Melksham Town look soo pretty over the Christmas period.:)
Amanda Melksham Via Website

Thank you so much for putting on this wonderful display - we were all awe struck, and my children were very excited to see Santa and all his helpers there.

I hope you raise even more money for your charity this year. Congratulations (and thank you) to you all!

 Lisa,via website

Nice to see such a huge turnout for you despite the bad weather, you did us proud again and made it so special, well done to everyone involved you should pat yourselves on the  back for your amazing efforts.

James, via website

Thank you soooo much for the fantastic Union Jack in LED lights that you put together for last night's Melksham Young People's Awards. It looked absolutely awesome

Rebecca,via Facebook

Well done to you all, its incredible what you achieve and makes so many other towns look silly. Very proud of Mellksham at this time of year, cant wait to see them

Colin, via website

The town already looks amazing even without the lights on ! You've put so much hard work in this year again every time I drive through town no matter what time I see you all doing something light wise ,,,, brilliant dedication , well done :) and Ty x

Kate, Via Facebook

We drove by u today said to hunnie what amazing guys u are giving ur Sunday up in the cold and rain for our town....much respect for all u guys...and we no the town is going to look AMAZIN at Xmas xxxxx

Shelley, Via Facebook