Feedback from 2010/11

Fantastic Display, Particularly the Christmas tree lights.
Very much appreciated
A Big thankyou to all the volunteers
Bryan, Melksham

Well done Melksham on a stunning display. My late father Don Hurst was one of the original members of the Xmas Lights Appeal and I know he would be so pleased to see what the town has done to improve every year. My parents lived in Longford Rd and as I still visit this road, I am curious to know why there isn't the usual fantastic display at Colin Goodhind's house at the entrance to Longford? The nearby houses look brilliant though!
Sally Hammond, Corsham

- Sally, Thanks for your message, Its thanks to people like your father that we we are doing it today. Alex has been far to busy with work to do the display this year, plus the financial side of things and sheer time envolved has meant no display. Next year though...

Thank you to all who make the xmas lights such a lovely display every year. you should be proud of yourselves.

Judith, Melksham

We would like to thank the volunteers who worked so hard putting up the lights i know they worked late into the evenings and worked weekends and im sure the people of Melksham applaud the wonderful show of lights, i would say the best around by miles

Mr & Mrs M Sullivan, Melksham

WOW! Well done to all involved, very very very impressed this year, you do us proud. Thankyou

Anon, Melksham

Well done! Other towns, every one of them, should be hiding in embarasment after paying thousands to so called professionals when you can do all this for next to nothing. Amazing, shame that everything in Town isn’t done by you, your commitment and professionalism is incredible and you are a true credit to our Town! I love the Tree, and the drive in from Spa Road must be the best view of lights ANYWHERE!??

Gordon, Melksham

Unbelievable what you have done for the Town this year, and it seems as if you guys were in town every hour of every day for weeks fixing up the lights and testing them. Well done on creating such a wonderful display and fantastic switch on event, other towns need to take some advice from you!

John, work in Melksham, live in Trowbridge

Fantastic display this year - best yet. Well done and thank you!

Tracey, Melksham

Well done to you all - the lights look absolutely brilliant

Sue C, Trowbridge Via Facebook

The lights look amazing well done to all of you,have been to swindon today and they were dire you put them to shame,Melksham has the best lit town in wiltshire WEll DONE xx

Shelley D, Melksham Via Facebook

I was so impressed with Melkshams Christmas lights, such a difference from when I lived there over a decade ago!! no longer a bland mish mash of whatever could be found in the bottom of the Christmas box but a well thought out colour co-ordinated display to welcome the festive season. Well done melksham for finally finding someone with taste and commitment to show the town off at its best.
Julie P, Salisbury

Well done to all those who worked hard, the town looks great, and a proper hero switched them on , once again well done to those who put them up !!!
K Moore, Melksham

Thanks for making Melksham so bright! Excellent effort well done for all you hard work, and a superb switch on! You should be very very proud of your work and you embarrass every other local town!

J Croker, Bowerhill

The lights are amazing this year! We have the best Town lights in Wiltshire - maybe even the country!!

Sam D, Melksham

Looking good already and they are not even on yet! Look forward to the switch on and thank you for your hard work to make the town do something good for a change

Keith, Queensway

Well done on this site and good luck with this years lights we all know you will do a fantastic job for us again and cant wait to see them on!

Jones Family, Forest

Feedback from 2009/10

Well done chaps! The lights are looking lovely we really appreciate all your hard work.

Barry, Melksham

Other towns are put to shame by your hard work! truly amazing and good to see community spirit is so alive!

David, Bowerhill

They are not even on yet and I'm impressed by your work, cant wait for the switch on Saturday. Every year you make it better - a real credit to the town, lovely to talk to the stressed but friendly guys making them work!

Samantha, Melksham

Every year I keep meaning to thank you all and never do. So, this year, Thanks!! As ever you put many towns to shame , keep up the good work, I can assure you it is appreciated.

Paul Carter, Melksham

I haven't seen this years yet but look forward to later in the week, you guys need to help the other towns around here, Chippenham has got embarrassing! And they are put up by professionals?! Maybe you guys have re-written the rule book on what amateur means!!! Well done!

James F, Pewsham

Me and my husband took our 2 girls into town on saturday to see father christmas and to support our community in the christmas fayre. The christmas grotto looked fabulous and i made sure i told "santas helpers" too, i was very impressed with the amount of effort that was put into it. Later in the afternoon my husband took the girls back down to see the lights switched on and they loved it which is what its all about for me. I just wanted to say that i appreciate the amount of effort that the people of Melksham have put into lighting up our town it looks great. A big thank you from the Lloyd family x

Lloyd Family, Melksham

It's the most beautiful tree I have seen in my whole life'

Tilly Butler (aged 5)

After having a go at your man in town for working overtime tonight at my expense then getting a hostile but fair reaction I didnt expect, I thought I'd look at the site 'Paul' told me about and say how amazed, and grateful I am for the work you do for nothing - You totally changed my tune on what I thought! How do a couple of blokes do all this for nothing in such short time when it takes proffessionals so long to lay a few slabs through the town!??? Cheers to all who make it happen!


Amazing! Seem's everytime I am in town your at work somewhere! are these the best lights in any town anywhere?? Love the Longford Road sign! Cant wait to see the house lights on soon!

Pam S, Forest

Just like to say that after watching the 'guys and gals' every weekend freezing in town in an attempt to get the lights done in time for the switch on, i was utterly thrilled when my daughter Abbie Dark switched on the christmas lights last weekend. you all do a fantastic job and don't get any where near enough praise. BETH xx

Beth Dark, Melksham

Wow! Between the town and the amazing house we must have the best lights in the UK? My kids love them all and its so good to see there are still some good people out there who work to do this for the town. thank you all so much!

Anon, Melksham

The house in Longford Road is amazing, you must have a lot of plugs!!!! town looks great as ever, we dont need a Z list celebrity to switch them on when they look as good as they do! Well done all.

Keith, Bowerhill

I love the Christmas lights! And I love the fact that Melksham seems to be coming into its own as The Christmas Town. Each year I go see them and feel like a child again, jumping up and down, clapping my hands. We appreciate all your hard work!

Lisa Ellis, The Spa

This is my first Melksham Christmas experience. The tree is the town is a lovely sight. The Health and Safety folk where I live in Somerset have banned our tree for the last few years cos it could fall on someone so it is delightful to see your tree standing proud and festooned. The Longford Road displays are out of this world. I have never seen anything like it in my life! You have to take your hat off to people who donate all their spare time to please others and raise money for good causes. We need more of those kind of people where I live!

Anon, Somerset

Great light up again this year I live in Chippenham i bought some of my friends all the way from St helena to see the lights this year you will continue to get more international visitors at this rate! keep it up

John Clingham, Chippenham

Wish more towns put the effort in that Melksham does, I live in Trowbridge and our lights are not bad, but Melksham is in a whole different league! Well done to all in the town and houses.

Gary, Trowbridge

What a fantastic display again this year! Our poor little town always plays second fiddle to Trowbridge and Chippenham so it's great to outshine them once a year. Just one small gripe - what has happened to the lights in Avon Place this year? Last year there were some lovely snowflake lights and something on Iceland I think, but this year there are just two strings of lights with quite a few of the bulbs not working. It's a bit of a sorry sight compared to the rest of the town.

Lisa, Melksham

- Lisa, Because there was no power in that area for a while ( with the new lamp post saga ) we left it quite late not knowing if we could get anything in at all, the snowflakes etc was something I made over 3 years ago and was starting to fail, so was left out, to do the plan I had we simply ran out of time this year - but rest assured we won't get caught out next year. We did over the weekend change bulbs, as for some reason many were out, and fit the Santa and Sleigh to the wall - this would normally be on the roofline of 'Hames and Joy' - see the news section for why its not! Thanks, Paul Weymouth

These lights are amazing and put little old melksham on the map ...I go up every year to donate money all for such a good cause ...well done to longford road, We've brought visitors from afar to see the lights over the last few years.

Amanda Stonham