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Thanks for visiting our site…

We seem to of done something right in the last few years, and continually exceeded peoples expectations of what our little ‘amateur’ voluntary group can do, Fantastic, But that makes it really difficult to keep being better!

Colossal amounts of work by just a few local people make Melksham the brightest town around, every single person who works on the lights is a volunteer, meaning every single penny donated to us is spent on making our lights bigger and better each year.

Last year saw an insane number of people descend on the Market Place for what proved to be an amazing event, with the finale of the Switch on, Fireworks and huge cheers.

This year has brought many new issues, mainly the overrunning works in the Market Place meaning we can no access the Town Hall to start our work, we were promised access from the end of July originally - and usually start work around this time on the complex and time consuming cabling and control systems for what has become one of the most elaborate displays for many miles.

As we hurtle through October we have now been given access, just in time for us to be busy on other large projects - but, we have promised to make every effort to make this display as great as it can be, in its new look home.

We hope you enjoy the lights,  give us your feedback - there are many more photos on our Facebook page which will eventually find there way to this site.

Take a look around, tell us what you think, your ideas, and help us spread the word - together we can make this year the best ever!

Christmas Fayre 2017 Saturday 2nd December from 2pm  Due to significant issues following on from the Market Place works we are till trying to establish the exact  details of the switch on event - information coming soon!