Feedback from 2011/12


Janet Jory, Via Facebook

All of us from Libra Hair Studio would like to thank you all for making our town look so good ! We love our town and try hard to give our shop curb appeal and feel sad when people run the town down :( we are only as good as the people who live in this town and you've really brought the community spirit back ! THANK YOU again Xxx

Libra Hair Salon, via Facebook

Stunning lights this year! Thankyou to all who have worked on them. :)

Leila, via Facebook

Outstanding display, why are all the people in Melksham like the lights team NOT running the town? You clearly would do a much better job of it! Thank you from everybody in Melksham.

Greg, Semington

Think the lights are fantastic, love seeing them on in the morning, brightens the start of the working day!

Pam W, via Facebook

An absolutely stunning display this year, totally outshining the like of Trowbridge and Devizes. My favourite view is from the cross roads looking back to the Market Place. Well done to the committee for making the little town of Melksham look so splendid every year.

Andrew, Bowerhill

Brilliant lights, wonderful effort and really makes Melksham great this time of year, well done on the CCTV effort and its obviously given a kick to the Towns own Trumpet Blowers who suddenly want to do what you already have, just alot more expensively and 10 years after mentioning it! Keep it up guys!

Barry, Melksham

I just wanted to extend my thanks to whoever organised the Melksham Christmas Lights - they are FANTASTIC. I live in Box but work in Bowerhill, Melksham and every night (purposefully) drive through Melksham to see the fabulous lights. No other town compares to them and your Christmas Tree..... well it's just amazing. Thank you to whoever arranged this and I DO hope you get the message okay. Honestly.... they are lovely. I even collected my old 97 yr old gran the other day to drive her through to see them. They are absolutely brilliant. Well done and PLEASE do the same next year!

Amanda H, via Email

I haved in Melksham for over thirty years. Congratulations to all that put the hard work and effort to make Melksham look so lovely at this time of year. It looks fantasic every year it gets better.
Paul Bogie, Melksham

Melksham lights are the best I have seen this year. I drive through B.O.A, Trowbridge, Devizes, Westbury, Warminster and Frome every day and NONE compare to yours.

James Lewis

Do not know how you manage to be SO good at what you do when so called professionals continue to make a mess of other towns. Well done, you all make us very very proud to be from Melksham at this time of year!

Andrew, Melksham

Thank you all so much for the fantastic effort you have made this year and make every year. Melksham is very lucky to have such a dedicated group of volunteers such as you. Thank you again from the Oliver family.

Oliver Family, via Facebook

Simply wonderful, we said you cant get better, and you have! Melksham is so proud of you all.

Anon, Melksham

Well done to all involved in the xmas lights. melksham looks amazing :)

Kirsty, via Facebook

Thought the snow machine and glow balloons were a really nice touch, my 5 year old loved it. Well done

Nadine, Via Facebook

Amazing i drove through town 2nite with my son and we both were like OMG its amazing and so christmasy.You should be so proud of yourself. :-) x well done for making our town look the BEST around!

Melanie, via Facebook

I have to say, the Christmas lights in Melksham look AMAZING. I was working and unable to attend the switch-on, but I walked through town an hour or so afterwards and really felt quite emotional. So lovely to see the happy, smiling faces and the children gazing up in awe at all the coloured sparkles. The whole town was buzzing, and the shops right down through the town all look absolutely stunning. All credit to the incredible amount of hard work and dedication that's been put into bringing us this - you guys really have done the town proud. Personally, I'd give you all MBEs at the very least if it was in my power to do so!

Phil - Via

I was there on Saturday for the turning on of the lights with my wife and children. As ever Melksham has been done proud by an amazing group of volunteers and a magical display of lights...A big thank you from my family!!


We think you do Melksham proud, cannot wait to see what you have for us this year, thank you!

Anon, Melksham

What a lovely site, well done to you all and we look forward to seeing what you have for us this year! A true credit to Melksham.

Browne Family, Semington